What makes a popular Super Bowl commercial?

Exploring the blend of attributes these top four brands use in their Super Bowl ads.

Combination charts can be confusing

Combination charts are useful for seeing how two or more measures interact together. But as Alex mentions in this SWD Challenge to create a clever combo chart, these can end up being cluttered and confusing if we’re not careful!

Given that combo charts need to compare two or more measures, I decided to combine the blend of attributes brands use for their Super Bowl ads with their popularity on YouTube.

First, I used bar charts to show everything, and to see if there was anything that stood out of the data. This soon became too cluttered and it was very difficult to highlight any patterns.

From bars to bubbles

That’s when I switched to using bubbles with size and colour encoding to represent the attributes. It works well when combined with the bar charts for average YouTube views per ad.

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