How to make a table with only dimensions in Tableau

Here’s a step-by-step guide to removing the default 'Abc' placeholder from the pane when you don’t have any measures.

Problem: whenever you build a table without measures, Tableau puts in ‘Abc’ as a placeholder in the pane

You can use these steps to remove this placeholder.

📝 Note

As each dimension is in the Rows shelf, you can independently format and set widths for each dimension.

This is unlike measures in the pane, wich must have the same column widths.

Step 1
Change the Mark type to Polygon

This makes sure users won’t be able to click on the empty part of the pane.

Step 2
Resize the pane

Make the pane as narrow as possible.

💡 Top Tip

If you have lots of dimensions that go across your entire sheet, you may find it easier to adjust the width after you’ve only added a couple of dimensions.

This is because it's more difficult to adjust the pane width when there’s a horizontal scroll bar.

Step 3
Format the pane borders

Go to Format > Borders.

Under Sheet, change the Row Divider Pane to None, and the Column Divider Pane and Header to None as below.

Now you’re left with a table which only shows your dimensions: