Chart rebranding challenge

Branding gives your work a cohesive look and feel. This challenge was all about adding brand elements to your data.

I enjoyed this SWD Challenge as it let me exercise my design skills. Especially as I’ve spent the last month deep in Python books!

Original chart

The original chart does a great job of drawing our eyes to the top three accounts, as well as the opportunity for the bottom four. This is something I’d like to keep in my rebrand.


Lego is a brand I grew up with. It has a recognizable logo and colour scheme, as well as the familiar brick design. This gave me plenty to work with.

When looking for inspiration, I found that it was very easy to get carried away with all the design elements on Lego’s website, ads, and packaging.

The temptation was to include everything. But I found that the message was being lost in all the noise. It became a case of removing elements which didn’t help communicate the message.

Here’s a collection of some images I found when looking for inspiration:

Fonts, Colours and Minifigures

Lego uses the LEGOthick font for its logo, which is what I used for the title. Everywhere else I’ve used Cera Pro, which is used on Lego’s website and packaging.

The yellow elements I’ve used on top are part of Lego’s colour scheme. And the blue and purple chart colours come from the minifigures.

Here’s my rebranded version: