Global coffee production and crop yields

How has coffee production changed over the last six decades? Are some countries more efficient than others at growing coffee? All this and more in this Tableau dataviz.

This SWD challenge was all about thinking globally.

I wanted to find a dataset which met the criteria for showing a meaningful change over time, by country.

I came across this coffee bean production dataset on Our World in Data. It became obvious that global coffee production had increased a lot, but I wanted to get an understanding of what was causing production to increase - was it an expansion of coffee farmland, or were countries becoming more efficient at producing coffee.

Plotting production against crop yield creates interesting bubble charts to compare 1961 with 2018.

We can see that the top four coffee producing countries in 2018 have vastly different yield numbers. For example, Brazil and Vietnam have increased their yield greatly, while Indonesia saw growth in its coffee production solely due to an expansion in coffee farmland.

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